In it together

May 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

In a recent article, George Monbiot wrote:

“All of us in the environment movement – whether we propose accommodation, radical downsizing or collapse – are lost. None of us yet has a convincing account of how humanity can get out of this mess.”

My reaction on reading this was not to despair, but to agree: no single person has or could be expected to have “the” solution for the current situation we are in.

Indeed, the context is too big for any of us – but collectively I believe there is hope. If I risk a global-scale diagnosis here, it is that the worldview behind the single economic thought is not leading us to equity and right livelihoods within our planetary limits. To find a new worldview – a new paradigm by which human affairs can be organised – requires collective shifts in understanding and action.

In other words, my sense is that it is within collaborative processes – and not just its results – that can bring about the shifts we need.

I’m leading a collaborative inquiry within a food manufacturing and retail business. The company already has a strong record of globally responsible practice. It has taken them a long way – and they do not feel it has yet taken them far enough. New ways are being sought, for strategy, communication and cultural change. inspirational leadership will not do it alone, nor will bottom-up processes. We are inquiring to find answers that none could find on their own.

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