Allies and colleagues

If you are interested in any of the project or collaborations described here, please do get in touch with me.

Penny Kay

Penny is a highly-experienced coach, supervisor, artist and acupuncturist based in Lancaster, with a background in senior public sector leadership. Together she and I are creating a public sector-facing coaching offer, specialising in health and social care. Interested to know more.

Ian Ferguson

Ian is a former senior director and board member over many years. He is an ACII Chartered Insurer, a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management and also a qualified and certified Executive Coach. Working under Ian’s Help to Grow brand, we are collaborating on a leadership development resource, and which is currently trialling in a major multinational company.

Rosie Carnall

Rosie is a skilled and effective facilitator, writer and fundraiser, with long experience in mediation and conflict resolution. She’s passionate about using Philosophy for Communities techniques in her facilitation practice. Together she and I are leading a Trust-funded research project to support the development of peace education curricula in schools.

Consensio Partners

Alex and Anna have created a wonderful team of conflict management and mediation practitioners We’ve worked together for a number of years, and as a Consensio Senior Consultant I offer conflict coaching, supervision of coaches and mediators, and training in supervision skills (especially mediators looking to extend their practice as a supervisor).

International Service

International Service is a York-based charity dedicated to achieving positive social change in communities around the world. We’ve been allies for many years. I’m very proud to be the coaching trainer and supervisor on their Firm Foundations project, in partnership with WYCA Rwanda. Firm Foundation Rwanda is a women’s economic empowerment project in Kicukiro, a district in Rwanda, providing personal initiative coaching for low-income entrepreneurs. These are young women who are among the least well-off in Rwandan society but have set up and are running businesses to lift themselves and their families out of poverty. Project supports and funders include Hols Bowman and her wonderful team at North Star Coffee Roasters.

​Academy of Executive Coaching

I’m very proud to be AoEC Faculty on their Certificate and Practitioner Diploma coaching qualifications. I’m a graduate myself of the Diploma, and have learnt so much from the inspiring expertise of my colleagues as we work together to help create the next generation of executive coaches via Open programmes and in-house consultancy.

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