Executive leadership and team coaching


I offer individual executive (work-based) and team coaching. I work with a wide range of individuals, all of whom are are practising leaders: either formally in a senior leadership role, or otherwise managing significant complexity and uncertainty.

Coaching unlocks people’s potential to maximise their own performance. It works by helping people to learn rather than teaching them.

The visible outcomes are changes in behaviour – learning, remembering and applying new behaviours in a wider range of situations.

‘Internal’ outcomes are often greater clarity and certainty, a new sense of direction, more accurate self-awareness, and stronger personal responsibility.

Team coaching focuses on a range of issues – clarity of purpose, improving or healing current team processes, and developing problem-solving skills and creativity.

In all my work I encourage the flourishing of authentic leaderful behaviour, for leading successfully amidst today’s complexity and ambiguity.

Download an information sheet about my coaching.

Please contact me for more details of pricing, practicalities, code of ethics, and commissioning of cross-organisational executive coaching interventions. I am an accredited associate executive coach, accredited by the Academy of Executive Coaching.

I am an accredited coach (Practitioner level) by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council; and I am accredited by the Academy of Executive Coaching. My ethical standards for coaching are contained in the European Mentoring and Coaching Council’s Global Code of Ethics.

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Professional development and accountability: My own coach and supervisor is accupuncturist and experienced senior management coach Penny Kay. You can find details by visiting her website. We offer associate coaching for pairs, groups or organisations seeking a coaching approach.

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