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The very first programme on Consciousness Meaning and Practice took place at Oasis during the weekend 14- 15 January.

It was a weekend of firsts, as the programme also marked the initial steps of the Oasis strand in globally responsible practice (see http://www.oasishumanrelations.org.uk/blog/courses/people-and-planet-workshops).

The feedback from the January programme was most encouraging: participants were given time to reflect on and develop the sustainable self, connecting to what was most significant in their lives and how it acts as the foundation for their engagement with the world. One participant described the weekend course as a bridge – between the inner and the outer worlds; that echoes the progress of the weekend from what is the nature of my connection to people and planet, to its implications for action.

What particularly struck me was the nature of the invitation of such programmes: how to invite people to explore issues such as these without assuming anything about their inner experience. Reflecting afterwards, I think the outward simplicity of the programme freed people to take themselves where they needed to go; looking back, there were only six substantive questions over the course of the weekend. If the questions are good enough then they will lead to intersting places, and that seems to have been the outcome of the weekend. I learnt plenty myself, of course, about the role and process of the facilitator, with much more to discover as the globally repsonsible practice strand unfolds.

Two further programmes are planned, together with an exciting development now shaping for 2013:

A repetition of the January weekend: Consciousness, meaning and practice: a two-day exploration of global responsibility and the transpersonal. Dates: 29–30 September 2012

A three-day introduction to globally responsible practice and the triple bottom line, incorporating a Whole Person Learning approach. This programme is aimed specifically at those working in or with organisations. Dates: 2–4 July 2012

In 2013, Oasis will run a two-year Global Change-makers diploma. If you are interested in being kept in touch about this – or about registering on the two programmes this year, please be in touch with Samantha at Oasis: Tel: 01937 541700,samantha@oasishumanrelations.org.uk.

The work is at the level of deep complexity, and with bigger-than-self challenges exploring 21st century relationships within a global context. Those who engage will find time and space to:

  • explore their current connection to and with people and planet
  • raise consciousness of the connections that exist – social, transpersonal, financial, emotional and environmental
  • be supported into action within their spheres of influence, with an emphasis on the spheres of work, local community action, leadership, collaboration and social innovation.

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