I’m reading…

On Tyranny: 20 lessons from the twentieth century, Timothy Snyder (2017, Penguin Random House) Profound lessons for the Trump-era, such as: stand out, believe in truth, listen for dangerous words, do corporeal politics (ie get out there and be public for what you stand for)… inspirational stuff.

The Inner Game of Music, Barry Green with Timothy Gallwey (1987, Doubleday) Taking Timothy Gallwey’s profound ideas about overcoming ‘the inner opponent on your side of the net’ (more formidable than your actual opponent!), and applying them to the practice of awareness, letting-to and creativity in music-making.

How to Read Water: Clues and patterns from puzzles to the sea, Tristan Gooley (2017, Sceptre) An intriguing book – I expected a more philosophical approach; but there’s something in how each body of water is explored – from drops and puddles to lakes and seas, and the practical lessons for each – that leaves me with calm and delight, and makes me want to get out and start ‘reading’ for myself.

A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled, Ruby Wax (2016, Penguin) A straightforward, enjoyable guide; everything you need for information and encouragement on mindfulness. As the teacher said on my mindfulness course, “You don’t have to enjoy doing it, you just have to do it to get the benefit…”.

Note: There are alternatives to buying online through Amazon – for books, DVDs, games, music…  Amazon takes its place amongst the list of biggest tax-avoidance companies. For books, if you up for good quality secondhand copies, two sites to consider are www.betterworldbooks.co.uk and http://www.biblio.com 

I’m painting…

Two of my paintings are hanging at Friargate Quaker Meeting House, York:


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