UK news – new domain names available for organisations

June 16, 2014 § Leave a comment

The new domain names means that websites can be registered without needing a or or other familiar ending.

Instead, more creative names are available – .guitars, .careers, .today, .solutions… You can see a full list of the names released so far here

The following is extracted from my domain name host, (other providers are available!).

“2014 will see a huge change in the way domain names are used to navigate the net. The old favourites and common domain extensions .com .net .org will soon become a thing of the past. New premium domain extensions, search engine optimised, specifically targeted to your industry or to the content of your site will soon become the new norm.

During the next 18 months these industry specific premium domain name extensions will slowly be released for general availability.

General availability means that anyone can register any of these new domains on a first come first served basis, apart from trademark infringement there are no other limitations. If you have a business name or a product you want to keep locked down then it is worthwhile considering buying your ideal premium domain extension while they are still very new to the open market.

As an example … “.kitchen” is one of the new domain extensions now available on General availability. If you search on there are literally hundreds of restaurants and takeaways worldwide called.. “Simonskitchen” yet… only one of these businesses can register the premium domain that is perfect for any one of them “”.  If you owned one of the simonskitchen businesses would you want to buy that domain? I know I would, as fast as I possibly could! Once it’s gone it’s gone.

So far there are 80 new domain name extensions released to general availability with another 585 (That’s not a typo!!) confirmed and still to be released. These new domain name extensions cover a vast range of possibilities .bargains, .club, .gallery, .kitchen, .tattoo for example with many many more in between. A full list of the currently available new premium domain extensions are listed on the domain checker page on our site here

To add to the new domain extensions, Nominet the controller of UK domain names has released the new .UK domain under limited availability. If you own a domain you now have the full rights to register the .UK version of that domain. You cannot register a .UK domain if you do not own the version until all .UK domains become available to register without limitations which will not happen until June 10th 2019.”

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