Who do we choose to be? A workshop on leadership with the inspiring Meg Wheatley

August 16, 2019 § Leave a comment

With my colleague Penny Kay, we’re working with Meg to organise a workshop with her in Edinburgh, on 3 October 2019.


If you’ve not come across Meg Wheatley yet, here’s a comment from someone who attended a similar day with her in London a year or two ago: “To be up close and personal with someone whose books has had such an impact and influence on me over the years was pretty awesome.”

Meg has written many books on leadership, in particular the seminal “Leadership and the New Science”, and most recently “Who Do We Choose To Be?”.

A quote from her sums up her philosophy on leadership: “We need leaders who recognize the harm being done to people and planet through the dominant practices that control, ignore, abuse, and oppress the human spirit. We need leaders who put service over self, stand steadfast in crises and failures, and who display unshakable faith that people can be generous, creative, and kind.”

Meg was was until recently on the advisory board for Utah’s national parks, but she and other members resigned over Trump’s impact / roll-backs and destruction of key policies that the Board helped implement, especially those affecting climate change, science and funding   https://margaretwheatley.com/national-park-board-resigns/

This is a day for those who are in – or who want to step into – leadership roles (activism, community, organisations, companies, networks…) and for those who support leaders to be more effective (coaches, consultants, mentors, colleagues and collaborators…)

Bursaries are available to those at the start of their career and for whom the time and company of thoughtful folk on the realities of leadership in these times would be beneficial. Please recommend to anyone you know who fits this description!

NB We’re charging in order to cover the costs of the workshop, but it’s a non-profit event so far as we the organisers are concerned.

A similar event in London with Meg in 2017 led to 30 thoughtful people in a room inspiring and supporting each other in their work and activism – some of their feedback comments are here:

The serendipity of being in a gathering of like-minded people exploring “sane leadership [as] the unshakeable faith in people’s capacity to be generous, creative and kind”

As a disillusioned HR Manager, it was liberating to ‘discover’ that there was another, non-mechanistic, non-positivist, way of looking at organising and leadership. I will always be grateful for this gift! 

I enjoyed it a great deal and it has provoked much thought and discussion already.

A really good event. It was an excellent refresh and time spent with very interesting people.

An excellent day. Very well organised and so thought provoking 

I got a great deal out of the day – Meg’s intriguing insights and leadings, fresh ideas from discussions with people working in different fields, and some useful material to further my own thinking about my context

The event itself has really stimulated my thinking on leadership on a profound level.

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