Leaving Framework

February 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

The text below is copied from Framework’s community site. For ten years Framework was my professional home and identity, so stepping beyond it is indeed a step as I free headspace for developing my practice with companies and not-for-profit organisations. It’s not the first time I’ve taken off an identity – leaving the law as a profession in my mid-twenties, and when I left the Quakers having been a member literally all my life. This may sound like I’m a professional “leaver”! – I hope not, and that it means I’m not always ready to t stand on the same ground for too long. Certainly the leaving of Framework has been a big step, and I’ll miss the more regular contact with its members.


John Gray, a core member since 2001, has very recently moved on from Framework. John was very influential in helping the Framework core members think seriously about how to integrate environmental sensitivity and awareness into both our work with clients and the way Framework operates as a collective. It comes as no surprise, then, that John wants to pursue this focus on global responsibility across all three sectors: business, government and civil society. As John explains:

“It feels right and yet is also a wrench to be leaving Framework after ten years. Membership has meant identity, support, collaboration and fun with a set of creative and expert colleagues.
I’m stepping away from being a core member of Framework to free time to develop work on globally responsible leadership and practice – in essence, awareness and behaviour which take into account the wider context within which the organisation’s services and activities occur. I say more about this at www.johngray.org.uk. This new work is generating questions and interest in the private sector as well as not-for-profit organisations. I’m inspired not least by the fact that whatever their contribution to the social good, organisations are able to mobilise a social response that no other kind of institution is capable of making.

I’ll be keeping in touch with Framework – its members and the Community; and I’ll be seeing the Core members for a closing meal and celebration at their Retreat in Cumbria next month.”

We will really miss John as a colleague. His contributions to Framework will live on and we wish him well in his new venture. We look forward to hearing about John’s new work through his continuing membership of the Framework community.

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