Awakening Social Practice

March 26, 2012 § Leave a comment

This new programme is now open for bookings.

Together with co-facilitator and Oasis associate Chris Taylor, we will be addressing the key challenges that commercial and not-for-profit organisations are facing today: how to ensure future sustainability, growth and reputation, at the same time as becoming more globally responsible.

Key questions that participants can bring to this three-day programme:

  • To what extent is it necessary to think about my organisation in terms of more than just simple (economic) survival?
  • What are relevant ways in which my organisation can engage with and be effective on environmental, social and ethical issues?
  • Which models and frameworks would enable my organisation to:
    • Address the triple bottom line (economic sustainability, social good and the environment)
    • Measure impact
    • Establish effective processes for cultural and behavioural change by individuals and the organisation as a whole?
  • How do I stimulate change in my organisation to engender a purpose relevant to the 21st century?

Course prospectus: Awakening social purpose; for more information contact me, or contact Oasis  01937 541700 to reserve your place.

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