Guest blogging: What is a low-carbon, sustainable community?

March 11, 2013 § Leave a comment

In 2011 Britain’s Quakers made a ground-breaking commitment to become a low-carbon sustainable community. Since then the national Quaker organisations, and Friends in their local meetings, have been encouraged to put this commitment into action.

I was at the Yearly Meeting in Canterbury at which this corporate commitment was made, and I’ve been following Friends’ progress since then, as well as wondering how to contribute to my own meeting in York.

So I’m thrilled to be a guest blogger on Woodbrooke’s Good Lives blog, posting three articles exploring the “Canterbury Commitment”.

Each article will explore one element of the commitment – Community, Sustainable and Low-carbon.

As well as my participation in Quakerism, I’ll be drawing on my sixteen years’ experience of management and consultancy in supporting individual and organisational change. I hope the blogs prove to be discussion pieces to support Friends and those who work in organisations as internal or external change agents.

The articles will appear weekly, starting on 20 March. I’ll post copies on my own blog, so to register to receive the postings please sign up to the Good Lives blog or sign up on my own blog.

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